Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Pumpkin's First Birthday Party

Fall birthdays are a lot of fun because the season provides so much of the inspiration for the theme. Krish’s mommy wanted to have a pumpkin-themed birthday, but without it feeling like a Halloween party or a Fall/harvest celebration. There are a lot of pumpkin-themed parties out there, but we decided to go with a more retro look by incorporating teal and lots of glitter elements.  

The invitations asked guests to “BYOP” (bring your own pumpkin) and wear plaid. Upon arrival, guests were asked to place their pumpkins in the home-made “pumpkin patch”. The picket fence around the pumpkin patch was made from foam board cut into strips (similar to the barnyard party featured previously). The pumpkin patch was used as a photo booth of sorts and provided a nice backdrop to take photos of all of the children. Later on in the party, the children reclaimed their pumpkins to decorate them.  Other activities included coloring and making pumpkin masks.

The dessert table featured birthday cake, pumpkin spice cupcakes, pumpkin cake pops, pumpkin sugar cookies, orange, green and teal rock candy and other candy, pumpkin-shaped marshmallows, chocolate dipped crab apples, pumpkin-shaped chocolates. Savory eats included tortilla wraps shaped like pumpkins. 

For party favors, the children took home T-shirts with pumpkin faces and, of course, their decorated pumpkins!

Take a look...

The birthday cake was made by Nadler's, a local bakery.

The pumpkin-spice cupcakes were homemade. 
They were topped with pumpkin-shaped fondant toppers from Village Cupcakes

We added sour apple candy to make "stems" for these pumpkin like sugared marshmallows.

I made pumpkin-shaped candy using Wilton candy melts and a pumpkin candy mold.

The rock candy was a HUGE hit with the children AND the adults!

The awesome sugar cookies were from Sweet Lill

The smash cake was a giant cupcake, topped with a sugared marshmallow.

These fabulous pumpkin-shaped cake pops were from Radiant Cakes.

 Here are some of the decorated pumpkins! :-)

 Vendor Credits:

Fondant toppers: Village Cupcakes

Sugar cookies: Sweet Lill, Say it with Sweets

Cake pops: Radiant Cakes

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