Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super-Easy Super Bowl Cupcakes

Here's a quick tutorial/recipe that I meant to post last year, but never got around too! :-)

Cupcakes, made per your favorite recipe
Cream cheese or butter cream icing, made per your favorite recipe
Sweetened coconut flakes
Green gel food coloring
Fondant icing
Brown gel food coloring
Circle cookie cutter

Make a batch of cupcakes using your favorite recipe. Pipe cream cheese or butter cream icing onto the cupcakes, leaving aside a little extra icing for the final step of this recipe.

To make the “grass”, mix the coconut flakes with a few drops of green gel food coloring. If you have trouble getting the color to spread evenly, add a few drops of water. Top your cupcakes with the grass.

Add a few drops of brown gel food coloring to a small ball of fondant icing and kneed. Roll out and cut into circles using the cookie cutter.

Off-set the cookie cutter and cut through each circle again. You’ll end up with a football shape.

Pipe the lacing onto the football using a fine tip and the icing you set aside. Place the fondant football on top of the coconut "grass".

You're all set for game day!

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