Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Lorax Party (Part 1): The Dessert Table, Food & Drinks

Here are the long-awaited photos from my son's Lorax-inspired 5th birthday party! Since there are just too many details to share, this first post only highlights the dessert table, and food and drinks, so stay tuned for additional posts about the party decorations, games, favors etc., and see below for a link to the post about the invitation. 

Invitations: I made 12-page Lorax "book" invitations, which included my own verses about the party written in Dr. Seuss' classic poetic meter. To build anticipation for the party, the children were asked to bring 15 cents, a nail, and the shell of a great, great, great grandfather snail (which I provided!) to gain entry to the party. :-) Click here for more details about the invitation and the full text of my verses.

Dessert Table: The backdrop for the dessert table was inspired by one of the pages from the book, with blue sky, green hills and bright, fluffy, truffula trees. The dessert table featured a two-tier birthday cake and lemon-coconut cupcakes adorned with custom toppers from MJ Taboush, custom sugar-cookies from Hummingbird Baker, orange and lemon French macarons, homemade marshmallows, homemade cake-pops inspired by Bakerella, and homemade chocolate mustache lollipops. The cookies included "thneed cookies" which I displayed in a "Oncler Wagon" that I made out of recycled materials. We also had lots of “truffula fruit” (dipped strawberries) and truffula fruit kebabs. For drinks, we had "butterfly milk" with magical flavored straws. We also had a "Seuss Juice" cocktail for the parents! 

My dear friend, Bird, of Bird's Party supplied the custom party printables. 

The tops of the truffula trees for the backdrop where made from feather boas pinned onto styrofoam disc. The trunks were made from foam pipe-insulation, which I spray painted yellow. I used green corrugated cardboard for the hills and bulletin board paper for the sky. 

(I tried to recycle as many materials as I could for this party and I'll note which items were "earth-friendly" in keeping with the theme. :-) For the backdrop, I used old pipe insulation and the sky backdrop was reused from our Toy Story Party.) 

I made double-chocolate "Lorax" and "Truffula Tree" cake pops, using Bakerella's awesome online tutorial. Granted, they took me 3 evenings to make, but they were totally worth it...and they were gobbled up in a matter of minutes once I let the children loose on them! 

I was especially proud of how the cake turned out. I had no trouble in thinking up the cake design, but I had a hard time finding a bakery willing to make it for me (without charging a small fortune for it), so I decided to get creative! I had a local bakery make the basic blue and green tiered cake, then I decorated it with 3D Lorax, Barbaloot, and Humming Fish cake toppers from MJ Taboush

I made the truffula trees and clouds myself!

Although I made a lot of the desserts myself, I ordered the truffula tree cookies and Lorax cookies from Hummingbird Baker

Hummingbird Baker also supplied the "Thneed" cookies, which I displayed in a "Oncler Wagon" that I made from lollipop sticks and ribbon spools, with a sign saying "Thneed Cookies for Sale! Only $3.98".

I topped the homemade lemon-coconut cupcakes with fondant toppers from MJ Taboush. The detail on the toppers was fantastic, and I especially loved that they matched the cake toppers EXACTLY!

I also made the lemon marshmallows (a Barbaloot favorite!) Click here for a tutorial on how to make marshmallows. Homemade marshmallows taste a hundred times better than the store-bought variety and they are fairly easy to make.

I supplied treat bags, so the children could take home treats from the dessert table as well. I used printables from Bird's Party, googly eyes and orange pom-poms to decorate the bags. 

In addition to all the sweet treats, we served up a dinner of "miff-muffered-moof" pasta, "grickle grass" salad and "truffula tree trunk" sausages.

The magical "butterfly milk" was also a hit. I served plain-old 2% milk--the magical element was brought by the Got Milk? Magical Milk Straws. I also embellished the bottle labels with butterflies cut with a Martha Stewart craft punch. 

The "Seuss Juice" (for adults only) was also a hit.

During the Lorax "show (more on that later), we served popcorn in Lorax popcorn boxes.

Decadent dipped strawberries and fruit kebabs were served up as "truffula fruit". 

For details about decorations, games and activities, click here.

 For details about the Lorax "show" and party favors, click here.

Monday, August 20, 2012

"Chalk" back to school party

This post is to inspire anyone who thinks they don't have the time or the budget to create an awesome party.... :-)

We were out of the country on vacation until Saturday and my son's back to school party was today(!), which meant I only had a few hours yesterday to pull things together, amid a sea of laundry and unpacking! Granted, it wasn't a full blown party, just a "sign-up" table, but when has that ever been a reason not to be creative?! Chalk board paint seems to be pretty popular right now...but, well, I didn't have any, and I didn't have time to get any. So I improvised with black construction inexpensive substitute that created a similar look, don't you think?

What's great about this party is that it shows that you don't always need a large budget, lots of time, and custom party printables (although I do love printables!) Just repeat the same, simple element over and over to create a cohesive, themed look.

Bird's Party Magazine, Fall 2012 Issue

Check out all of the fabulous parties featured in the latest issue of Bird's party magazine, including our very own Lorax-inspired party!

Browse Bird's Party Magazine - Issue 6

View Larger - Buy Paper Issue - Past Issues

I will be posting LOTS more photos from the Lorax party in the coming week, so check back soon for all the details!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lorax Party: Lorax "book" invitations

The photos from the actual party will be forthcoming. In the meantime, I wanted to share the invitation with you. I took graphics from the actual Lorax book and created my own verses about the party, written in Dr. Seuss's classic poetic meter.

Please note that I made these invitations for my own personal use and they are not for sale.

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