Monday, August 26, 2013

Legos and Lightsabers, A Lego Star Wars inspired party: Part 1

Hi folks! So here's the first of the posts about my son's 6th (Sith) birthday party!
Sorry for the long wait!

The party was also featured on Amy Atlas today!

The “Legos and Lightsabers” theme for my son’s 6th birthday party (aka his “Sith” birthday party) was chosen, as usual, by the birthday boy himself. He is OBSESSED with Lego, particularly Star Wars Lego! Since I was trying to incorporate the Lego theme and Star Wars theme into one party, in order to unify the two, I stayed away from the bold, primary colors of traditional Lego and opted instead for blue, black, silver and yellow as the main colors for the party. 

Invitations: The lightsaber-shaped “pop up” invitations are embossed so that they had the look of a Lego “baseplate”. My son helped with the wording for the invitations, coming up with the concept of his “sith birthday” himself.

Dessert Table: The backdrop for the dessert table was also inspired by the Lego baseplate—I used plastic plates from Party City to create the raised “pegs” on the backdrop. 

I made the oversized Lego blocks using photo storage boxes from Michaels and clear plastic appetizer cups from Party City. I painted the insides of the appetizer cups to match the colors of the storage boxes, and then I placed them on the storage boxes to create the “pegs” of the Lego blocks.  

The dessert table included Star Wars Pez dispensers, DIY M&M lightsabers, homemade lightsaber pretzels rods, homemade Lego rice krispie treats, space rock candy, and Lego-shaped candy. 

The awesome cake pops were from Faye's Cake PopsI made the stand for the cake pops using large building bricks.

The centerpiece of the dessert table was a two-tier birthday cake and cupcakes adorned with custom fondant cake and cupcake toppers from MJ Taboush. Her detail work on the fondant is amazing.

The cupcake wrappers and tray liners were also embossed to look like Lego base plate. I added lightsaber picks to the cupcakes to create a 3D effect. 

The light saber pretzel rods were super easy to make, delicious and a big hit with the children.

The detail on the Star Wars and Lego cookies from MJ Taboush was truly amazing. Her cookies are a work of art--almost too good to eat!

I made the Lego rice krispie treats using a Lego shaped mold.

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