Friday, March 2, 2018

Wonderland "Unbirthday" Mad Tea Party

...Well, when it takes this long to post it, then it really is an "unbirthday" party, isn't it?

There are so many details to share about this Alice in Wonderland -themed party that I don't know where to begin! Alice in Wonderland would wisely advise me to "start at the beginning and when you come to the end, stop", so that's what I'll do.

Entry and Arrival: 

Upon arrival, guests followed either (i) the path to the real front door, or (ii) the white rabbit's paw prints to a mini version of the front door! Playing card guards flanked the entryway and there was plenty of signage to both guide and confuse the guests.

If the wreath didn't sufficiently warn the guests to run while they still had the chance, they entered to be greeted by a whole topsy-turvy wonderland inside, complete with a mad tea party! 

The entry table contained playing card activity cards listing all the activities to be enjoyed at the party, rabbit headbands for the little guests to wear, and signs quoting some words of wisdom (and other such nonsense) from the book. 

The Dessert Table:

The backdrop featured giant paper flowers that I made from cardstock and giant playing cards. In addition to a topsy-turvy cake that I decorated with fondant toppers (from Ana Montoya etsy shop), the dessert table contained cupcakes with "teacup-shaped" wrappers and topped with fondant toppers (from Ana Montoya etsy shop), queen of heart home-made jam tarts, curious oyster filled cookies, vials of candies labeled "eat me", mini sugar cookies labeled "eat me" (from CousinsCookies etsy shop), more sugar cookies featuring the cheshire cat and other motifs from the book (from CousinsCookies etsy shop) and character cake pops  (from Faye's Cake Pops etsy shop) served in tea pots.

But this party was so much more than just a pretty dessert table....decor, food & drinks (including tea!), lots of activities...

Decor and Mad Tea Party Table Setting: 

Food & Drinks:

Activities and Games

Mad Hat Making with the Mad Hatter:

 Pin the Smile on the Cheshire Cat, manned by the cat himself:

Painting the Roses Red...I mean, Painting the Tea Cups whatever color you want!

Playing Card Cornhole:

Oh yes, we did! My daughter loved the tea cup ride at Disney World and wished for one for her birthday, so we made one out of a tire and an old chair! 

And my favorite, flamingo croquet!

We also had a mad photo booth....complete with a tiny rabbit house for the kids to sit in and feel "big"...

And you probably noticed the costumes...we had all the characters in attendance! 

What an amazing day! Happy unbirthday to my sweet daughter! 


Party styling by The Party Wall             

Party Printables                                      

Photography by Kathie Tam                   

Cake Topper letters, Cupcake toppers by 
My Artisan Bakery, Ana Montoya          

Cake pops by Fayes Cake Pops              

Sugar Cookies by CousinsCookies          
Tableware, hard candy, jelly beans, 
gumballs, lollipops                                    

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