Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Cookie Exchange Party

I'm attending a Cookie Exchange party this weekend, hosted by one of my dearest colleagues. I've been scouring the web for festive cookie ideas and thought I'd share them here, in case you are also attending one (or even hosting one) this holiday season and are also looking for ideas and recipes.

If you are hosting one, check out the great tips for hosting a cookie swap at Martha Stewart.

If you are attending one, here are some ideas.


Picture of Sugar Cookies Recipe

Sugar-dusted Lemon Bars

Original NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Chocolate Chip Cookies


Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti Recipe

Picture of Holiday Windowpanes Recipe

Yum! Now I just have to decide which to make! 


  1. I love these all! About to post pics from my cookie party from this weekend...

  2. Oh, I wish I had seen these before the holidays! Just love the windowpane and Springerle ones!


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