Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Fairy Tea Party

I'm so thrilled to share this party with you!! Not only is it absolutely GORGEOUS, but it is proof positive that I actually have readers!!! (Since I'm not a professional party planner, I really do wonder if y'all are out there! :-) But I guess you are...at least a few of you!)

This fabulous Fairy Tea Party was sent to me by Kristi, from the blog "and babies make four". Thanks Kristi, for reading my blog and especially for sharing this amazing party!

For more details, check out Kristi's blog.  I especially love the handmade little fairies that she placed on the "mix and match" vintage tea cups at each place setting. I also LOVE her idea of doing a doll exchange, instead of birthday gifts. Awesome idea!

I think any little girl would love to have a party just like this! But don't despair if you think your daughter might have outgrown this party...by coincidence, I've been working on a party concept for an older girl for Austin Woman Magazine's next issue...I can't share the details just yet, but let's just say it's perfect for a tween and even uses a similar color scheme to this Fairy Tea Party!! Check back for details.

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  1. Oh Hi, so nice to 'meet' you. I am home sick today and have just had the most wonderful time looking around your sweet blog. Everything here is absolutely awesome, OMG you are seriously talented, I can't sing your praises enough! With so many party blogs out there, it can be hard to believe that people do read your blog, but you know what, those who find their way here will be so inspired, and, even more importantly I'm sure the parties you create have made the recipient's special day just so memorable, and that is more important than how many people read your blog isn't it. I'm very happy to follow your fab blog and I will visit lots. Jane:)


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