Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Lorax Party: Sneak Peek

My son has been a Dr. Seuss fan for a long time now, but this love has only intensified now that he can read!! :-) He told me earlier this year that he wanted a Lorax birthday party--not just any Dr. Seuss party, but specifically a Lorax party. I told him we would see. Then the movie came out. Game over!

So party planning for his birthday has begun! I have lots of ideas to share!! Here is a sneak peek. I'm working on a "Lorax book" invitation--the verse above is the first verse of a whole book that I've written! :-)

Since the Lorax is such a great advocate for our environment, especially trees, a Lorax party wouldn't be complete with tree planting, right? At the party, we're going to have a potting station for the children to plant their own seedlings that they can take home as party favors and watch grow! Above are the Lorax plant pots that I made for the children to plant their seedlings in!

Enjoy! And stayed tuned for more Lorax inspiration!


  1. That looks amazing! :3 Your kid is gonna have a blast along with his friends. :) ANd if you want music playing if you got the lorax soundtrack you can play it at the party even the score even too :3

    The Lorax was an amazing movie and also book :) Even tv special. I know your kid is gonna love it. You should think of a Lorax cake with some truffula tree designs and the lorax figurine and other stuff :) Even :giggling: marshmallows too.

  2. Can't wait to see all the details!


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