Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monster Bash, Halloween Party

Here's a fun idea for a kids' Halloween party, but it could work equally well for a monster-theme birthday party too. This party took me only a few hours to put together, using items I already had on had that I repurposed for this party. It was for my son's class party at school, so the budget was also very tight--you could honestly recreate this party for under $50!

I chose bright, bold colors and used funny "googly eyes" throughout. Since the party was for young children, I wanted something cute, not gory or scary for Halloween. 

These monster cupcakes are super easy to make. Just frost the cupcakes, cover in sugar sprinkles and top with two marshmallows. I used an edible marker to draw on the eyes. 
Project cost to make a dozen cupcakes--under $5. 

For party favor bags, I used inexpensive plain goodie bags and added whimsical antennae, googly eyes, etc. The bags were filled with monster themed bubble bottles, monster lollipops and small monster toys. Project cost to make a dozen bags--under $20.

For centerpieces, I covered some plain, tall vases with colored paper and added similar faces as the party favor bags. the wooly pom pom antennae are repurposed Truffula trees from the Lorax Party

I wrapped the water bottles with colored paper and added more googly eyes. 

I purchase inexpensive monster masks for each child to wear.

I added more googly eyes to some paper lanterns for hanging decor. 

Party games included a target practice game--the monster targets were repurposed Truffula tree tops from the Lorax Party. I just added googly eyes and other monster body parts to turn the former tree tops into fluffy monsters!

Floating marshmallow googly eyes and gummy worms turned punch into a fun monster drink!

Other party games included a monster craft station were the children got to make their own monster using home-made play dough, pipe cleaners, pom poms, and more googly eyes. 

Since there was so much color, I used black table cloths for contrast and also to make it more appropriate for Halloween. 

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