Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Baby Jam: A Music-inspired 1st Birthday Party

My, how time flies! My daughter is already one! (And I'm almost a year behind in posting this!)

My 1-year old daughter LOVES music! The highlight of her week is her Music Together class with Ms. Becca on Saturday mornings. She just lights up when we take her to music class and she bops to the beat throughout the class. 

With that in mind, I wanted to celebrate her 1st birthday with a baby-friendly, music-themed party. I opted for bold, primary colors and simple, musical instrument graphics to appeal to all the babies. Bird’s Party created a set of custom printables for the theme. 

I wanted to gear the party to the babies so I made sure we had plenty of baby-friendly activities and food, as well activities and food for the older children at the party.


The invitations for the party were small tambourines. I found the tambourines online and added custom printable labels with the party details. 


All the guests were excited to receive the tambourines, which I sent/hand delivered in little gift bags.

Dessert Table:

My vision for the dessert table was for any many desserts as possible to resemble musical instruments. In addition to the cake, which I decorated myself with fondant toppers and fondant embellishment from MJ Taboush, we had a drum smash cake for the birthday girl to enjoy all to herself. I made a chocolate-bar piano with Kit Kat and Hershey’s Cookies and Creme chocolate bars, drum marshmallow pops and a gumball guitar mosaic. Other treats included xylophone cookies, musical instrument cake pops including guitar cake pops, cupcakes with musical instrument toppers, jammin’ jelly beans”, rock candy and twirly pops. Yes, lots of sugar! 

Baby Finger Food Buffet:

We had a lot of older children (and adults!) at the party that really enjoyed the dessert table; but, since the babies were too young to enjoy all the sweets, I had a separate baby finger-food buffet table for the babies. I used appetizer cups from Party City to serve baby-friendly snacks: fruit, cottage cheese, baby yogurt, cubes of cheddar cheese, Gerber puffs…and of course Cheerios, which every baby loves! 

For Part 2, Party Games and Activities, Food, Drinks, Decor and Favors, click here

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  1. Where did you get the piano
    Prop from??? I'm trying to replicate this for my sons birthday, love it!


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