Monday, October 4, 2010

Bollywood Karaoke Party

Our family hosted a surprise 60th birthday party for my father in law. The theme was "Bollywood Karaoke". With the help of Birdcrafts party printables (visit her shop at and a Bollywood karaoke machine, we had a party fit for a Bollywood movie star. 

I designed a Welcome sign to coordinate with the party printables from BirdCrafts...

...and a Bollywood Karaoke sign to define the karaoke area.

I absolutely LOVE party pom poms, so I had to make some! Only to discover that back in the early 70's in India when my inlaws got married, they had similar paper "torans" at their wedding. This created a lovely nostalgic feel!

Borrowing from the party pom pom idea, I made coordinating paper flower centerpieces.

Rather than filling them with candy, I filled these apothecary jars with flowers, feathers and beads.

I used the labels from the party printables collection to customize some "Filmfare Awards" to honor the best karaoke singers of the evening. The Filmfare Awards are Bollywood's version of the Oscars/Academy Awards.

Each table was named after a famous Indian playback singer and had on it a homemade photo holder, with a photo of the singer and his/her name.The photoholders were made of floral wire and beads. Each table also had on it the party printable elephant centerpieces.

The party favors, placed at each table setting, were small apothecary style jars, filled with candy. I used the party printables and rhinestones to embellish the jars.

Each table also has a karaoke song booklet, containing all the Bollywood songs for the karaoke.

In the entry way, I placed a table with the welcome sign and a guest book. I made a large "60" out of tissue paper flowers to place on the welcome table.

I embellished the guest book with rhinestones too.

I used the party printable banner for the front of the cake table.

I found small decorative elephants to place on the cake table and around the party venue.

I placed cardstock letters along the front of the table (also embellished with rhinestones!)

I made a custom banner to hang over the cake table.

I embellished the elephant cutouts with more rhinestones!

Here are more photos from the party.

I decorated the karaoke area with vintage Hindi movie posters.

I also found some movie-themed coasters to place on the tables.

I used hurricane vases for floating candle centerpieces. I added a few drops of food coloring to the water and floated the candle on top.


  1. wow thats amazing! great job. you can never have enough rhinestones!


  2. i love this! My family is from Nepal and know some times they are a tough crowd to arrange a party with, but this is great! You know everyone is Bollywood obsessed, and this is such a creative idea! I might have to steal this idea for my mom's birthday, she would get a kick out of this!

  3. You have thought of everything. It must have been a party to remember.

  4. WOW! This is simply amazing! You put in so much work and it truly shows! Loving every bit of it! Thanks for inspiring young party planners like myself!

  5. wow the 60 is great what did u use on the canavas

    1. The "60" is made out of tissue paper circles that are scrunched up in the middle. Then I jsut hot-glued them onto the canvas.

  6. You are amazing and thank you for sharing!

  7. Beautiful and unique.. Loved your efforts! I am sure everyone was in awe..

  8. simply amazing ideas


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