Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Real Simple "repurposing" ideas

I love to "repurpose" things. When I see a cardboard box, I don't see a cardboard box, I see the potential to turn it into a tractor or a spaceship! One of my favorite magazine, Real Simple, always has amazing ideas for repurposing things. The magazine is collecting all of its "a-ha" ideas together to publish a book, which I can't wait to get my hands on! In the meantime, here are some of my favorite repurposing ideas for parties from the Real Simple website.

Rocks used as guest book

Create an unique guestbook for a party by having each guest sign the surface of a flat stone with a colored marker. The stones can then be displayed in a tall vase at the party and can serve as a nice keepsake for the guest of honor after the party.

Bundt pan as an ice mold

Freeze water//juice/punch in a bundt pan, remove the ice from the pan, and then
float the ice sculpture in your bowl of punch.

Candles perched on champagne flutes

Use upturned champagne flutes or wine glasses as elegant candle holders.

Table runner and candles

Here's one I've done before.
A roll of wrapping paper can make an inexpensive and colorful table runner.
Pick paper to match any theme and use a simple, neutral colored table cloth underneath.

Cupcake liners added to tree lights

Attach foil cupcake liners to add sparkle to your Christmas lights.

Name tags used to identify cheese

I absolutely LOVE this idea!
Glue name tags on toothpicks and use them to identify the cheeses at your next wine and cheese party.
Have each cheese tell your guests a little bit about himself/herself too! How cute!

Toothpick used to protect cake

Here's another idea that I often use when transporting cakes to the party location.
Toothpicks inserted into a cake can be used to "tent" cling film over the cake, so the film doesn't stick to the icing.

Lollipop in cocktail

Lollipops can double as drink stirrers that add a twist of flavor to your cocktail. 
Choose colors that match your theme. 
(Just don't let your kids get hold of them!)

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  1. This post is making me want to throw a party ASAP! These tips are great, I especially love the champagne flute candle holders, cheese name tags, and the lollipop drink stirrers (lime lollipops would be great in mojitos!).

    I need a reason to celebrate!!


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