Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Around the Clock Baby Shower

I few months ago, I hosted an "Around the Clock" baby shower for a close friend, but I never got around to posting the photos or details, so here goes...

Here are more details about the party...

* INSPIRATION: The inspiration for this theme came from the mommy-to-be. Since this was her second child, she already had all the essential baby gear from the first child, but we wanted a way to celebrate the arrival of her new little one too, so we had a small, informal luncheon in honor of the new baby, with a creative twist. We asked each guest to bring a gift based on a certain time of day, then at the shower, we had each guest tell the mommy-to-be why their gift would be useful at that time of day. We ended up with all sorts of gifts—some useful, some funny—everything from clothes, blankets and bath time essentials for baby to massages and bottles of wine for mommy to enjoy after baby is asleep. 

* DECOR: We wanted a girly, yet modern, color scheme, so we selected hot pink, yellow and charcoal grey as the primary colors for the party decor and stripes in those colors as the primary motif. We decorated with lots of clocks, sand timers and the numbers 1 through 12.  We made clock medallions using clock faces we found online and cardstock, which was fan-folded around the clock faces. The printables had the words “Around the Clock Shower” going around the actual clock face in the design, in keeping with the theme. We also made a diaper cake matching the clock theme. The party signs also kept with the theme, with wording such as “Gift Time”, “Cake Time”, “Lunch Time”. We also made a bunting with the words “Baby Time”, with each letter in an alarm clocked shaped segment of the bunting.

* FOOD/DRINKS/DESSERTS/CANDY: We served a luncheon of light appetizer, pasta and salad. For drinks, we served a non-alcoholic hot pink colored punch, but we had a bottle of Grey Goose Gin on the side and encouraged guests to add a splash for a “fun time”. J

* PARTY FAVORS: The party favors were both cute and practical. We placed some inexpensive digital kitchen timers in little metal tins, which we decorated to look like little clocks.

* PARTY ACTIVITIES: The activities at the shower were also in keeping with the clock theme. In addition to opening the gifts and having each guest tell the mommy-to-be how her gift would be useful at a certain time of day, we also had each guest fill out a page in a keepsake book giving the mommy-to-be advice based on the time of day/calendar of the month assigned to her. 

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