Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby's Room and Alphabet Wall

So this isn't technically a post about a party, but I wanted to share our new baby's room!! :-) We're expecting baby to be here in a few days and can't wait!

I created an alphabet wall over the crib, using a mix of crafted, store-bought and vintage letters.
If you are wondering why this alphabet has two As, its because baby's name does!

...and here's the name: AASHI

I just love the alphabet wall!!

Here's a closer look at some of the crafted letters...T for Texas Longhorns, of course! :-)

I let big brother choose a letter and decorate it...he chose Q and decorated it with his fingerprints and rhinestones...he's planning on telling baby about it when she's older...

Another touch that I love are these dragon flies that we hung, not over the crib, but over the changing table. I don't think babies really need any over stimulation from a mobile when trying to get them to sleep, but hopefully gazing at them will help keep her still during diaper changes!

I also love this fluffy, silky pillow I found to accent our modern rocker.

I think the crafted letters (either the whole alphabet, just the name, or even the initials) would also make a great baby shower or birthday gift!


  1. Congrats!! Love the name!! I (with the help of family and friends) just created an alphabet wall in Arjun's playroom, I will have to share pictures with you. Have a quick and safe delivery, baby girl will love her new room!

  2. Love this wall so much!!!!! So creative! You really are sooooo talented. Everything you make is wonderful. You bring dreams to life!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your work! Your are soooooo inspiring.!!


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